Rugged - But Sublime  (continued)

At the conclusion of the activities on Saturday everyone will be transported back to Washington.  Saturday evening we will all get together in the old WPA Gymnasium (built in 1940) for a hot meal and to mix, mingle, hang out and “tell lies about horses and war”. 

The town of Washington will serve as the headquarters and supply depot for this week-long event. 

 By the early 1860s, Arkansas was well settled, and the small but prosperous city of Washington would carve out its place in history as the state's Confederate capital.  At the time, Washington included seven dry goods stores, two drugstores, a tailor shop, a watch repairman, and numerous other businesses.  By the spring of 1864, the outlook was far grimmer.  The countryside was exhausted of stores.  Twenty companies of men had been raised from within Hempstead County.  Labor and food were in short supply---and that was before two armies came through. 

 In the present day, some of the mansions built by the town’s wealthiest families have been restored and the town is now a state historical park. This fascinating setting will provide the backdrop for civilian activities during Red River III:  The Camden Expedition

Washington will be alive with period civilians for the entire week. Civilian reenactors are invited to participate, depicting the citizens who lived and worked in the areas affected by the Camden Expedition. 

 Start preparing now for this once-in-a-lifetime event.  Learn how it was fighting, cooking and trying to sleep while on the march day after day.  Experience rations being issued daily, including grain for horses and mules.  Receive mail in the field and send a letter home while on campaign in Arkansas.  Come live the history and a week of a soldier’s life without modern conveniences. 

Put it on your calendar and plan time off to campaign in Arkansas June 7 - 13, 2015.

Produced by the Nineteenth Century Living History Assn. Inc. Galveston, Texas.

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