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The Red River Campaign – The Camden Expedition

The Red River Campaign - The Camden Expedition is a different type of event experience for reenactors and will require somewhat of a different method of “registration”.  As in the previous Red River Campaigns, all rations will be issued to Comrades-in-Battle (4 men).  Therefore, enlistments will be accepted in groups of four (4) or multiplies of four (4).  Soldiers of various commands will be kept together to preserve known chain of command. Civilian enlistment will be handled in the same manner.

In order to make the logistics of supplying rations, ordnance and quartermaster assets to a large, mobile group of troops in the field, infantry companies will have a minimum strength of forty (40) men.  Cavalry companies will have twenty-four (24).  Company commanders will be required to organize every company into messes of four (4), i.e., Comrades-in-Battle.  Further details concerning this regulation will be forthcoming under the subject of “Commissary”.  It is recommended that you begin to get together with your friends to arrange your mess so that you will be prepared to join up when enlistment opens.

To insure the Red River campaign is a truly unique experience, we are committed to maintain a balance in the troop strength between the Federal and Confederate commands. Because of the Arkansas site location, it is anticipated that more Confederates than Federals will initially be available to enlist.  Therefore an initial start up number of 160 infantry, 40 cavalry and 2 pieces of horse drawn artillery for each side has been established.  Should Confederate enlistment significantly out number Federal enlistment, CS registration will be placed on hold when it reaches the initial quota.  When the US enlistment reaches the initial quota, CS enlistment will reopen; say for another 40 men.  This process will continue as Federal strength continues to increase, until registration is closed.  In the end, if the sides are out of balance, enlistment will be accepted in the smaller command.  This rule pertains to all branches.  No one will be eliminated.  ENLISTMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED ON A FIRST COME-FIRST-SERVED basis.

The registration fee for the Red River Campaign has not been set, as we are still working to determine what the cost will be.  Therefore, registration is not yet open.  However, it would greatly help the planning committee by confirming your interest in the Red River Campaign.  Please take a few moments to submit an enlistment form. Submitting an enlistment form will not obligate you to sign up when registration opens - It simply provides the committee of your interest and unit information and will also give your commander an idea of how many men he may be able to muster for Red River III.

Once registration opens and you officially enlist, we will send to you, by first class mail, a Provost Pass.  This Provost Pass, in your name, is your “ticket” to everything, beginning with entering the camps.  Because enlistment is NOT ACCEPTED AS A UNIT, it is VITAL that you completely fill out the unit affiliation and commander information on the enlistment form.  This enables us to keep soldiers under their appropriate commander. 

If you have any interest at all in mustering for the Red River Campaign - The Camden Expedition, please complete the enlistment form and submit it to us as soon as possible.  Registration will end on April 20, 2015, so providing us with this information now would be a tremendous help as we move forward in determining the enormous logistical tasks ahead. 

Thank you for your interest in the Red River Campaign.

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